Game Objectives and Daily Flow

The goal of the game is to recruit a minimum of 3 new members for the Cherry Tree High Comedy club within the allotted time between the end of March (start of the Spring break) and the end of April.

Try to recruit all 6 potential recruits to get the best ending! (There are 3 types of ending.)

Each day is split in 3 parts (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) and the places that can be visited and activities you can do differ depending on the time of day.

Conversation Parts

Events will occur on certain days or depending
on friendship levels with certain characters.

Field Screen

The map scrolls horizontally, left and right.
Areas and items that can be interacted with
appear with a triangular market below the floor.

How to Recruit New Members

Mairu’s Repertoire

Mairu has 12 conversation topics in her Repertoire, including, Sports, Politics, Pets, History, etc.
Each topic has a level representing Mairu’s skill and this affects the how friendship levels of recruitment targets increase
when she talks with them.
Repertoire levels are increased through activities such as reading magazines, watching TV, etc.

Repertoire Screen

The higher Mairu’s repertoire skill levels
are, the easier it is to become closer to
other characters.

Increase repertoire levels in between
earning money with part-time jobs and
doing homework.

Who to Recruit

Six students are potential recruits for Mairu’s comedy club. Spend time with them and your friendship level will increase depending on the topics you discuss and your conversation skills.
When your friendship level reaches 5, you will have persuaded them to join the club.

Targets Screen

There are 6 potential recruits in Cherry Tree Town.
Each one must be discovered and recruited in
different ways.

Target Status

Shows the current recruitment state of the
target and shows their likes and dislikes as
they are discovered.